Culture and Religion

One of the most impressive buildings of medieval Vieste is the Basilica Cathedral, which dates from the tenth century.

It is an imposing structure on three naves supported by 12 columns, a main altar entirely of marble and nine altars distributed throughout the church. The ceiling of the nave is decorated with paintings glorifying the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, which is dedicated to the church (St. Mary of Merino), St. Michael the Archangel, patron of the Gargano and St. George the patron of the city of Vieste.

The Basilica Catterale Vieste is located in the heart of the historic center of Vieste and 9 May each year celebrates his landlady, or the Madonna di Merino, patron saint of the city, whose statue we can find it by entering the church on the right . On that occasion the cathedral dresses up with precious draperies and celebrations of three days, until the climax of the festival that includes a pilgrimage to 9 km to the area in which it is said to have been found the statue of the Virgin, which is the area of Santa Maria Merino near which is the church of the same name.

Another area of particular cultural-religious, is the necropolis of "La Salata", located about 8 km from Vieste on the coast road Vieste-Peschici.

The salt is part of a complex of early Christian necropolis dating back to the Gargano early medieval period; is located on an area of about six thousand square meters, inside which it is possible to observe the presence of various hypogea of sizes and different structures. For its size and for the amount of artifacts, the archologi share the view that the necropolis of the most beautiful of Gargano.

In summer you can visit the cemetery in the afternoon hours, with or without a guide.

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