The territory of Gargano is rich zones eplorare, both by land and by sea.

In the summer time we organize trips to meravilgiose caves of Vieste, thanks to the boats and sailors experts that will take you to the discovery of tunnels marine curious and amazing charming. The tour takes place every day in the morning and in the afternoon from the port of Vieste.

Another interesting excursion is to the Islands Tremiti. Starting in fact from the port of Vieste, you can reach these enchanting islands and pristine trascorerre there the whole day.

Tours of a more adventurous are those organized by some agencies of the place, to visit the Foresta Umbra on foot, by bike, on horseback or quads. The tours take place during the day but also in the night for the more adventurous.

Another excursion remarkable is the way of the trebuchets, or the exploration of these unique fishing tools so prevalent on the coast Garganico. The excursion includes a series of stops on trebuchets most beautiful of Vieste and surroundings, illustration of fishing techniques and operation of trebuchet and lunch on one of these.

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